Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reading Round Up: Sliced Bread Edition

World Consumers Doubtful About Food Safety, UL Study Finds

Military Wants to Boost National Defense With Healthier Foods for Troops

Should Public Trees Bear Fruit?

Food Cart Factory

Will You Take The 2012 Urban Farm Handbook Challenge?

OWS Rooftop Farm in Bushwick!

How the Phrase 'The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread' Originated

Bay Area investment group connects socially responsible lenders, local farmers

Eyeing Greener Acres, New Farmers Reap Growing U.S. Aid

Planting seeds for rooftop farming in Boston

U.K. Food Industry Successfully Fights Package Labeling Efforts

Sainsbury's changes food freezing advice in bid to cut food waste

596 Acres” – Find vacant lots in New York City

Cooking oil designed to be a perfect pesticide

Visual Cues Encourage Vegetable Consumption

Tips to prevent spreading plant disease

Micro-size me, please!

New Orleans Gets First Aeroponic Farm

Urban farming on the rise nationwide

Cafeteria conflicts for school gardens

Sydney is buying back the farms at last

El Diablo Restaurant – Cooking Food over an Active Volcano

Integrated Weed Management Best Response to Herbicide Resistance

US Pushes the World to Import Our Dodgy Meat

Fasting Might Boost Chemo's Cancer-Busting Properties

Tesco trials new packaging to reduce food waste

World’s 1st Plantagon Greenhouse for Urban Farming Under Construction (in Sweden)

Hot Water Bath Eliminates Pathogens on Cantaloupe

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