Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reading Round Up: Double Dipping Edition

Is Universal Access to Good, Healthy Food Really a Problem?

Frito Pie and the Chip Technology that Changed the World

Cancer 'slowed by cooked tomatoes'

Aquaponics Start-Up in Long Island City Dreams Big

An Easy—and Now Proven—Way to Get People to Eat Better Foods

The Future of Food: 11 Unique Urban Farming Projects

How About Gardening or Golfing at the Mall?

Thanks to Plants, We Will Never Find a Planet Like Earth

Portland firefighter claimed he was gardening at 3:30 a.m., convicted of DUII

Researchers find Spanish fried foods do not lead to heartache

Monitoring software may help stabilise food prices

Are "DIY Slaughter Hobbyists" Destroying Your City?

Honey Helps Heal Wounds

Make Money as an Urban Farmer: the on-line course

The Hub: A Promising Experiment in Food Processing for Small Farms

Flag on the play! Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the hazards of double-dipping

USDA awards $40 million grants to boost local food supplies

Historic explosions depicted in cauliflower

Agritourism in Switzerland: Reviving Family Farms Through Rural Tourism

Garden Shed Allotment Birthday Cake

Fungus with an appetite for plastic

Wanted Weekend Warriors

Another Trick for Getting Kids to Eat Their Veggies: Serve Them Less

Urban-farming apprenticeship programs crop up across the country.

NY Organic Farmers Cultivate Food Safety

Superprawn Fished Up In New Zealand

El Wingador

Master Gardeners - Mild winter can be destructive for plants

Chili Crab Dinner Inspires Robot That Crawls Down Your Throat To Grab Your Cancer

Is Sugar as Addictive as Alcohol?

Are your friends making you overeat?

How to Get High on Soil

Indoor Composting With The Parasite Farm

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  1. Informative and concise post! Excellent job.

  2. Awesome line-up of articles as usual! Just wanted to give you a heads up that a) your Sun Gold cherry tomato seeds (a few of them, anyway) were winter-sowed 2 weeks ago - we'll see how they fare compared to the ones I'll start indoors...and b) I nominated you for a blogging award that's been circulating...I'm just a fan of your site and hope to turn some other folks on to it. Check out my latest post if you want to know more about it.


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