Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reading Round Up: Sushi Bazooka Edition

Are Zombie Bees Infiltrating Your Neighborhood?

Severe Drought Seen as Driving Cost of Food Up

Store launches 'man aisle' for shopping-challenged dudes

USDA Newsletter Retracts a Meatless Mondays Plug

Get on a (sushi) roll with the Sushi Bazooka

The Edible Bus Stop: transforming urban space one stop at a time

Automatic Pastry Identifier Can Tell a Croissant From a Baguette in One Second

Big Appetites: Miniature People Living in a World of Giant Food by Christopher Boffoli

Which countries will run out of food first?

Amid the Mulch, Musical Notes

Urban farming is an urban myth

Low-Tech Food Artisans Get High-Tech Online Home

Minnesota law to give more inmates green thumbs

Gardeners favoring grafted tomatoes

Immigrant gardener helps more than 100 Latinos go to college

Buffalo, NY: Over 100 Raised Beds... and growing!

'Tomato bombs' part of guerrilla gardening in Portland, Maine

'Brothers Green' Host Cooking Show in Brooklyn Apartment

How Our Habits Would Need to Change for a Soda Ban to Matter

Cooking in paper? Energia pots fold like origami

A Crowdfunded Farm Brings Traditional Mexican Flavors to New York

Alys Fowler: edible ground cover

Google science fair entrants tackle farming, medical science and more

Q&A: Susan Chin on Urban Farms

Don't Waste Bread!”, 1914-1918

How to install a front yard vegetable garden

Five Fish that are Sustainable and (Almost) Guilt-free

So Where Does All That Mercury in Fish Come From?

Give Peas a Chance’ Protest Saves Front Yard Vegetable Garden – Until Fall

Pesticide Drift, Sick Rural Residents Force Face-Off With Big Agriculture

Banana Genome Could Help Bunches

Meals on wheels - celebrating drive-thru history

Aquaponics emerging as an urban food solution

"Bye bye wind" garden table protects paper plates from breezes

Drought-Tolerant Corn Efforts Show Positive Early Results

No Thursday update this week, enjoy the Olympics everyone!

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