Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reading Round Up: Camel Rider Sandwich Edition

How to Eat Like a Chimpanzee

Johnny's Selected Seeds Now 100% Employee Owned

First Look At Brooklyn Grange's Massive New Roof Farm At Brooklyn Navy Yard

In Jacksonville, Camel Rider Sandwiches are Ubiquitous

We’ve Been Eating Ketchup Wrong This Whole Time

Food, glorious food: Olympic athletes' extreme eating habits. I've got full on Olympic fever. I'm using a VPN service to watch the BBC live stream, I cut cable months ago so the NBC live stream is not an option.

Bowery Mission Rooftop Farm

Pocket Size Herb Seed Kit

Soybeans in Paraguay: A Boom for the Economy, Bust for Environmental and Public Health

Building an out-of-this-world menu for Mars

USDA: Number of farmers markets up due to demand

Needles Found in Sandwiches Served on Planes

An Urban Farm Feeds Local Neighborhood With Help from Disabled

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust supports Urban Agriculture

Government Releases Food Safety Manual for Pregnant Women

12 Innovations to Combat Drought, Improve Food Security, and Stabilize Food Prices

Magic Aquatic Garden Turns Fish Crap Into Plant Food

Beautiful biodegradable dinnerware created from fallen leaves

New Technology Eliminates Plant Toxins

The Australian Government makes $5.4 million funding commitment to support the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

Historic drought puts over half of U.S. counties in disaster zones, USDA says

Growing the Hydro Fields – Feed Toronto

Employees Grow Herbs and Veggies at Google’s New Super-headquarters in London

Much Ado about Meatless Monday: Why the USDA Retraction Matters

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