Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cruising Into August

One of the melon plants has been retired since no more flowers were pollinated. There are 3 melons left on the remaining plants. Assuming nothing goes wrong with the last fruits the 3 plants will have produced 12 melons total, 4 fruits per plant. I think that's pretty good for container grown melon plants.

The newly freed up container was planted with Envy soybeans and then wrapped in window screen fabric to keep out birds. Some of the seeds have already sprouted. Before they sprouted the soil was covered in aluminum foil, shiny side up, to help keep the soil cool and to keep the soil moist.

This is my third attempt at growing soybeans. My first attempt was outside for a fall crop and I started them too late. My second attempt was indoors and they died of neglect. I made the mistake of growing them at the same time I was growing my seedlings for the rooftop and I didn't give them the attention they deserved. Hope this attempt works out, I would love to eat fresh edamame.

Another hammock for one of the last few melons left.

More peppers for the Flexum Hybrid plants, let's hope these get big enough before the next heat wave hits. It's a shame this variety is not heat tolerant, it performs very well as long as the temps stay below 90. They can tolerate a day or two in the 90's, but anything longer than that results in dropped blossoms and young fruit falling off the plant.

Giant Aconcagua peppers creeping closer to harvest time.

I moved the flower plot that was near the melon plants next to some Summertime Green tomato plants. The pollination rate on these plants has been very low. Usually the wind is enough to pollinate tomatoes, but it seems like this variety needs some insect help. So far I'm averaging 2 tomatoes per Summertime Green plant, if this average does not improve the total harvest for this year will be pathetically low.

A rare Summertime Green tomato.

The flower pot that was near the Black cherry tomato has also been moved next to another Summertime Green tomato plant. I really hope this helps with pollination.

Young Mountain Magic tomatoes.

July 26-August 8:

Charentais Melon (Hakucho Hybrid): 1 pound, 12.0 ounces

Cherry Tomato (Black): 14.7 ounces

Eggplant (Pingtung Long): 6.0 ounces

Pepper (Flexum Hybrid): 1 pound, 9.2 ounces

Pepper (Giant Aconcagua): 13.5 ounces

Tomato (Mountain Magic): 14.6 ounces

This Harvest: 6 pounds, 6.0 ounces

Total Vegetable Harvest 2012: 17 pounds, 12.32 ounces

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  1. Wow I love the variety of vegetables you are growing and they look so healthy and vibrant. Great little home garden you've got there.


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