Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reading Round Up: Alcoholic Sandwiches Edition

Doctors and Chefs Join Forces for Health Through a Groundbreaking Culinary Medicine University Collaboration

New York Panini Shop Serves Alcoholic Sandwiches

Urban Hydroponic Bus Delivers Fresh Food and Water

Vegetarian Designer Opens Special Butcher Shop with Fluffy Meats

Investing in 3D printed meat

Can Urban Agriculture Feed a Hungry World?

Photographer Caleb Charland Wires Apple Trees, Fruit Baskets and Stacked Coins to Create Alternative Batteries

A group of visionary residents in the American city of Detroit are sowing the seeds of an urban farming revolution.

Gardening on the cliff: Full sun full of pitfalls

Saving Lives In Africa With The Humble Sweet Potato

Look busy, the allotment police are out to check 'productivity’

City Bountiful: The Rise of Urban Agriculture

Weed Resistance Found to Yet Another Herbicide

Gardens help farmworkers improve their own health

An Urban Gardening Initiative Greens Johannesburg Rooftops in a Bid to Tackle Climate Change

Katie's Krops offers lesson in cause marketing

Husband-wife team sets up city farm to offer urban residents wider varieties of fresh vegetables

Documentary film – Brooklyn Grange: A Portrait of Urban Farming (in production)

Milwaukee, WI: Barrett's response to Bloomberg challenge will focus on urban agriculture, foreclosures

Hope for the Motherland! Seeds of Hope Amidst Philippine Floods: Rice That Can Survive Underwater

Rooftop farms flourish in space-starved Hong Kong

Farming The Big Apple – Robin Shulman interviewed by Michael Olson and Malcolm Jolley

Urban farming gains foothold in Seattle

Aguaje: the Amazon’s New Superfruit Secret Is Out

Grande garbage gets new life

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