Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reading Round Up: Candy Cow Edition

Cows eating candy during the drought

Anchovy price leap causes food industry chain reaction

Farming without Water

Chinese noodle-making robot

Jail's gardening scheme backfires as prisoners grow pot

How 40% of Our Food Goes to Waste

Whole Foods sees food deserts as fertile growth opportunity

44 Healthiest, Cheapest Fruits and Vegetables

Canopea is a Solar-Powered Urban Habitat with a Vertical Farm by Rhône-Alpes for the European Solar Decathlon

Victorious Garden Project Grows Food and Community

Ordinary gardeners growing better apples than the 'wonky' fruit in supermarkets

Cutting-edge urban demonstration farm is planned for downtown New Orleans

The greening of Seoul's grey skyline

Urban Farming: Or, How to Start a Farmers Market Stand With Your Backyard

No-till could help maintain crop yields despite climate change

Underground solution to starving rice plants

Local farmers could revolutionize how millions of New Yorkers eat

Hundreds of millions of residents in China abandon farming for better paid work in cities

Kenya Steps Up Measures to Contain Deadly Maize Disease

Keep Your Bananas Ripe by Spraying Them With Recycled Shrimp Shells

Bus-Sized 'Orbiting' Garden Can Grow 50 Pounds Of Basil A Day

Zap Sweet Potatoes
 to Boost Antioxidants

The economics of a 2000 sq. ft. SPIN farm in Kelowna BC

Artificial Intelligence Predicts and Combats Crop-Destroying Fruit Flies

Food Industry Ditches Trans Fats, Kids' Cholesterol Levels Drop

A Feast for Zombies: Gory Gourmet Food Truck Serves Fresh Brain Burgers

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