Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reading Round Up: Pepsi Chicken Edition

Onions and garlic could be used to capture heavy metals

Oyster Mushroom Molecule Kills Cancer Cells

Pepsi-Chicken Flavor Potato Chips Hit China

What comes after the end of factory farming?

Humans Said Cheese 7,500 Years Ago

Urban farm, neighbor collide in East Austin

Farmigo Brings Your Local Farmer’s Market to the Web

The Vertical Farming Scam

Peanut butter, garlic bread back on school plates

Detroit: Council OKs sale of 1,500 lots for urban farming project

St. Louis: A downtown farm? It's up on the roof

Farmers in Nepal Use Urine to Boost Crop Yields

The 'ping pong ball' robots that could soon be gardening on Mars (and they could even build us a space station there)

100,000 green-fingered Londoners deliver Mayor’s 2012 food growing target

Sculptures Reimagine Pasta And Bamboo As Bacteria And DNA

No Reading Round Up next week. Happy Holidays everyone!

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