Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reading Round Up: Gummy Bear Edition

Still giving away seeds!

Cruel New Fact of Crustacean Life: Lobster Cannibalism

'Rooftop farm for convenience of residents': Vintage ads from 1880 to 1924 reveal New York City apartment living at its finest

Make your pictures worth a thousand yums

Gummy Bear Chandelier

China mulls vegetables on Mars

Lawmakers Want to Put More Bite in Law Protecting 'Jersey Fresh' Brand

Smartphone Tools for Farmers

1900s: Seed packets from a more artistic age

Plant Stress Paints Early Picture of Drought

Self-Contained Robotic Farms Offer Glimpse of Lunar Food Factories

Love Of Spicy Food Is Built Into Your Personality

Small Patches of Native Plants Help Boost Pollination Services in Large Farms

The Biocellar: Urban Farming Moves Underground in Cleveland

Turn Table Urban Garden Sprouts in Old Railway Bay

How a gardening novice tackled urban farming

The Green Bronx Machine Transforms Kids’ Lives With Vegetables

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