Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reading Round Up: Potato Donuts Edition

I still have plenty of seeds to giveaway, check it out.

Are You Going to Eat That Chair? Yes, and My Pencil Is Cheese, and This Candle Is Chocolate

Bread that lasts for 60 days could cut food waste

Sorry, vegans: Eating meat and cooking food is how humans got their big brains

Maine residents manic for potato donuts

Carbon Dioxide Could Reduce Crop Yields

After the harvest: on a stretch of Route 22, farmers find ways to adapt to a post-dairy economy

Extreme Gardening may offer winter farming

Cadbury develops chocolate that won't melt at high temperatures

Tastier Winter Tomatoes, Thanks To A Boom In Greenhouse Growing

Dryland Farmers Work Wonders without Water in U.S. West

Up on the Farm: Two models for rooftop agriculture vie to feed the Big Apple

Quinoa Craze Inspires North America To Start Growing Its Own

Continuing Fight for the Right to Grow Food: Orlando's War on Gardens

Vertical Farming Takes Off In Dubai

Fish fuel farm! Bushwick’s Moore Street Market to boast ‘aquaponic’ garden

Waffle gardens protect plants from wind

Ten Trends that will Impact Foodservice in 2013

‘I turn garbage into food

What do you know about GMOs? [Infographic]

A Vacant Lot Offers Refugees a Taste of Home

Scientists torn over Kenya's recent GM food ban

Focus Forward/Short Films – 3 films of interest

Brandon Martella's Live Share Grow Vertical Farm Could Generate 10% of San Diego's Produce

Weird, wacky vending machine cuisine

Grow exotic fruit on urban plots

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