Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reading Round Up: Apple Tattoo Edition

Free Vegetable Seed Giveaway

Heart Attack Grill's top patron dies of a heart attack

Korea’s Black Day: When Sad, Single People Get Together And Eat Only Black Food

The Life and Work of a Chocolate Health Researcher

The Tree with the Apple Tattoo

Need your Girl Scout cookie fix? There's an app, truck and plastic for that

A Brief History of Coffee Enemas

Study the use of nanoparticles in food

'Seed-Keepers': Female Farmers Take on Corporate Monopolies in India

Shipping Container Greenhouse - Urban Farm Unit by Damien Chivialle

Genetically Modified Crops Are Overregulated, Food Science Expert Says

Enriched in Organic Soil, Johnny’s Selected Seeds Grows Seed Stock for the Future

India's rice revolution - audio slideshow

Advance Promises to Expand Biological Control of Crop Pests

Will Eating Decades-Old Athlete Candy Bars Kill You? A Taste Test

St. Paul, MN: Old Hamm's Brewery to become aquaponic urban farm

Urban skyscraper proposed for the year 2050

Urban Aquaponic Farming in the Philippines

Electricity from Living Plants – “Green Electricity” from Your Food Garden

Gowanus Whole Foods Begins To Rise From The Ground

A Role Model for New York City's Affordable Housing

The Guinea Pig Festival of Huacho Has Rodents on the Menu

Wake up! Mountain Dew debuts caffeinated-juice breakfast drink

One answer to toxic food fears in China

Laser device designed for Mars unmasks counterfeit honey

Chocolate shoes a runaway success for Valentine's Day - video

Say 'I love you' with your 3D-printed chocolate face

Nevada Farmer Employs Sustainable Small Farm Business Model that Brings Customers and Profit to Her

Britons give horse a try as scandal piques interest

Thirty-five Water Conservation Methods for Agriculture, Farming, and Gardening. Part 1.

In Copenhagen, daring to innovate on the plate

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