Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reading Round Up: Massive Attack Edition

Free Vegetable Seed Giveaway

How Canada produces 5 slices of bacon for every person on the planet

Concrete-Filled Walnuts

Massive Attack (of Vegetables)

Rooftop Farming Flows At New Bronx Housing Project

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

Time Circus Builds a Floating Vegetable Garden on an Abandoned Ship Crane in Belgium

Organic Tomatoes Accumulate More Vitamin C, Sugars Than Conventionally Grown Fruit

Five-Cent Redemption

‘Green Shack’ for South Africa includes vertical vegetable garden

An Example of Urban Farming Done Right

Urbanites combat climate change with rooftop farms

Pasona HQ is an Urban Farm That Grows Food For Its Employees in Tokyo

Ohio man sues gardening store for selling organic compost that contained solid waste

Vancouver's Urban Stream captures the circle of life in a shipping container

Company targets landfill dumping

Peanut Corporation of America from Inception to Indictment: A Timeline

Can Sustainable Food Feed the Whole US?

These Robots Will Do Your Gardening

Can Chemistry Make Healthy Foods More Appealing?

Of Sisters and Clones: An Interview with Jessica Rath

Cookstove With Simple Technology for High Environmental Impact in Haiti

‘Urban Hydro Project’ – food grown in a rooftop utility room

One in five men 'uses garden shed to avoid family arguments'

Why grafting is the secret to great fruit and vegetables

Rooftop Farm in Egypt Finally Trumps Red Tape

Japanese Restaurant Fines Diners For Not Finishing Their Meals

Detroit's Big Dig: Will Urban Farming Get Them Out of the Hole?

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  1. A belated thank you SO much for the seeds you sent! I am excited to start them this weekend. You were so sweet to share!!


    1. No problem! Hope you get some good edibles out of them.


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