Thursday, April 25, 2013

Melon Seeds Sowed

Melon seeds were sowed last weekend, already a few look like they're about to sprout. It's important to note that the melon seeds were started in cups, not in jiffy pellets like the prior seeds. I've learned melon seedlings do not like to be moved, so keeping transfers down to a minimum is best.

The other seedlings have been potted up to 10 ounce party cups and given one feeding of a very diluted, I think one quarter strength, liquid fertilizer. Feedings will occur every 1 or 2 weeks until they are moved to the roof.

Also, the heat mat has been turned off, the first baby step in preparing the seedlings for the roof. Next weekend I'll start leaving the seedlings outside a couple hours a day and then steadily increase that time until planting day arrives.

One thing I forgot to photograph before potting up was that I removed the netting from the jiffy pellets before the seedlings were transferred to the cups. This makes it easier for the roots to expand into their new home.

Not much going on on the roof right now. Flower seedlings are still in the mini greenhouse. I have not direct sowed the corn seeds yet, nights are still too chilly. Once evening temps stay in the 50's I'll start monitoring soil temp in the corn container in preparation for planting.

Ozark Beauty strawberry plants are steadily growing. And being harassed by birds, note the snipped leaves. If they don't stop at some point I'll setup a frame with window screen fabric to keep them away.

How are your seedlings doing?

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