Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reading Round Up: Blandito Edition

Blandito – a burrito in furniture form

Scientists Transform Cellulose Into Starch: Potential Food Source Derived from Non-Food Plants

Freeway Foraging

Nomad Gardens: A Modular Moveable Feast for Vacant Lots

Black Sabbath helps plants to grow but Sir Cliff Richard 'kills them'

How One Family Helped Change the Way We Eat Ham

Urban farm by day, jazz venue by night planned for Clinton Hill vacant lot

An Environmentalist on the Lie of Locavorism

How Cubans' Health Improved When Their Economy Collapsed

HAPIfork smart fork hits Kickstarter

Australia’s 60 Minutes TV Show Features ‘City Farms

Must Britain now Dig for Survival?

Orlando, Could this be the future of farming?

Chicago, Streetwise Vendors Now Selling Fruit in Some Neighborhoods

Three ‘moos’ for a spirited idea

Nomad Gardens: A Modular Moveable Feast for Vacant Lots

Advice for New Food Gardeners

Live Screen vertical garden presented during Milan Design Week

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