Thursday, May 16, 2013

Almost There

Alright, the rooftop garden is ready to go. Every container has been mulched and fertilized, limed too if they are used to grow tomatoes (helps prevent blossom end rot). All they need now are the plants and support cages. The tomato plants will be planted this week, the peppers some time next week and melons the week after.

The Jasper F1 cherry tomato plant that was planted ahead of the others is doing well. It's noticeably larger than last week's photo.

I'm still using the mini greenhouse on top of the container. Most days it stays off, but on high wind days it goes back on. If overnight temperatures dip into the 40's, then it gets completely covered to trap heat, but those days are getting rarer and rarer. At some point I'll remove the greenhouse entirely so I can add a support cage.

The potatoes have sprouted, yay!

Still no sign of the corn.

The strawberry plants were still being harassed by birds so they are now hiding behind netting. I think I saw a few fruits developing, but I'm going to wait until they get a bit larger before I take a photo.

All the flowers seedlings have been transferred the their permanent homes. They're still quite scrawny so they're all hiding under nets to keep out the birds.

1 Pint Liquid Fertilizer & 2 Bags of Granular Fertilizer: $36.33

2013 Running Total: $212.96

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  1. Your seedlings look awesome!

    1. Thanks, some are a little fertilizer burned but otherwise they're good.


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