Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Harvest 2013

Minnesota Midget melons.

Planet F1 peppers.

5 more On Deck corn seeds sprouted, yay! In the sections that didn't sprout corn I planted some Butterbean soybean seeds.

Brandy Boy F1 tomato.

The Jasper F1 cherry tomato has really taken off.

The first cherry tomatoes of the season.

Serenade F1 melons.

Japanese Trifele Black tomato.

Ozark Beauty strawberries are the first harvest of 2013. They're small, about the size of a grape, but they're packed with flavor. Flavor that fills your mouth and seeps into your jaw as soon as you take the first bite. It's going to be hard for me to go back to supermarket strawberries once the growing season ends.

Beaver Lodge tomato. I took down the shade cloth for the time being. The leaves on this plant have not yet toughened up like the other plants, so I thought maybe the shade cloth was delaying the process.

Giant Aconcagua pepper plants. Looking at these plants makes me realize the Planet peppers are really struggling against the wind in their fully exposed location, I should probably move them to a more sheltered area.

Yukon Gold potatoes. The container has been filled to the brim with soil, now I just have to make sure to keep it watered until the potatoes are ready for harvest. I was going to use a soda bottle for drip irrigation, but now I'm not sure if there is enough room in the pot to add it. I need to think about an alternate solution, until then I'll continue with daily hand watering.

Cosmonaut Volkov tomato.

Watch out folks, art is "happeng" here!

Strawberry (Ozark Beauty): 2.125 ounces

Running Weight Total 2013: 2.125 ounces

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  1. Oh wow- your tomato plants are so much bigger than mine! And you started your seeds about a month after me. I most definitely need to buy some grow lights next year- blog after blog proves it makes such a difference! Can't wait to see how much you are able to produce this year!


    1. Hi KK, yes, grow lights make a huge difference. Now that I have one it would be hard for me to go back to not having one. All of the benefits, healthier and fuller plants and the reduced time it takes to grow them, make buying a light worth the cost.

      I really hope this is a productive year, gotta make up for laat year's numbers.


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