Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reading Round Up: Soylent Edition

Creative Mornings: Masterpieces That You Can Eat for Breakfast

Plants resurrected after 400 years under a glacier

How to Build Indoor Hydroponic Gardens Using IKEA Storage Boxes

Replacing food: An engineer's approach to body fuel

Domino’s Creates Disk that Smells and Looks Like Pizza when Played

In Defense of Grafting

Detroit's Newest Urban Farming Trend is Pretty Fishy

Restaurants, hotels look up vertical farming for fresh food

Big empty swimming pool turned into abundant food garden

From gang life to green shoots

Why coffee is called “joe

Corn Growers Turn to Pesticides After Genetically Modified Seeds Fail

Genetically modified wheat found in Oregon field raises trade concerns

Companion planting: friends with benefits for your garden

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