Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reading Round Up: Maine Edition

Maine Is Second State to Pass GMO Labeling Law

In Singapore, When You Can't Grow Out, You Grow Up

Could Agriculture Bloom in the Desert? Qatar Works to Invent an Innovative Oasis

Raise Your Own Edible Bugs With This Decorative Kitchen Pod

The future home: self-sufficient in meat, fish, vegetables and fruit

Could Foodies Save American Flower Growers?

GMO Wheat Found in Oregon Was Isolated Incident, Says USDA

Green 'Freedom Machine' empowers apartments in Jordan

Bloomberg Plan Aims to Require Food Composting

Home Lohas brings hydroponic gardening into your room, rabbit guard not included

‘The Spark’, an upcoming documentary film that shows a blueprint for realistic, immediate solutions

The future of food: insects, GM rice and edible packaging are on the menu

Britain's new 'peasants' down on the farm

Pesticide use in vegetable farming is rampant in Thailand, however a growing urban farming movement is pointing to a more natural path

America's most amazing food museums

Astoria’s Hellgate Farm will ramp up its urban agriculture

Sushi restaurant launches flying ‘iTray’ waiter service

The Scary Side of Synbio Glowing Plants

Whey-ing Greek yogurt's environmental impact

Farmers fail to feed UK after extreme weather hits wheat crop

You Say Potato, I Say Double-Stranded RNA

This imaginative bunch is busy turning Mumbai’s urban crawl into a farming sprawl, with an ambitious project to reinvent a terrace on Mohammed Ali Road as a 500 sq. ft farm

Ten Futuristic Garden Tools

Solar powered aquaponics for apartments

Growing Romance: Urban farmers to marry in Buffalo

Self-Fertilizing Plants Contribute to Their Own Demise

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