Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reading Round Up: New Apples Edition

The First Lab-Grown Hamburger Is Served

New York City’s First Rooftop Farm – circa 1904

A Kit To Grow Bugs At Home, To Eat!

Another Small Aquaponics System for the Not So Handy: The Blue Green Box

New Apple Varieties: Ladies and Gentlemen, Get Ready to Taste SnapDragon and RubyFrost

Vegetable garden flourishes in unlikely Rutgers locale

5 Surprising Genetically Modified Foods

Seed Starter From an Ice Cube Tray

Inside The Meatpacking Plant Being Turned Into An Enormous Vertical Farm

South Boston rooftop farm raising its first crops

Gotham farmers sprout cash crops

SF Giants plan to bring food from centerfield to table

Man tries to smuggle turtle onto plane by disguising it as a hamburger

Depressed Cakes

Rooftop Greenhouse Could Help Bronx Residents Have A Healthy Diet Year-Round

Some People Walk Their Dogs, Cornman Walks His Fresh Produce

Planetary Structural Layer Cakes Designed by Cakecrumbs

Why We "Got Milk"

Existing Cropland Could Feed Four Billion More by Dropping Biofuels and Animal Feed

Could This Liquid Replace Food?

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  1. Hey there- I was searching for something online about a melon and it sent me to this page. I can't quite figure this website out so if you wrote this, please just ignore my comment. But I suspect they just stole your content and that you did not write it and figured you might want a head's up.



    1. What's that all about? Thanks for the heads up.


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