Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brrr...Last Harvest 2013

Frost has finally arrived in NYC so I took down the remaining plants over the weekend.

Some containers need more time to dry out before they can be sealed for the winter. In the meantime they've been tipped onto their side to prevent rain or snow getting in and re-soaking the soil.

The last harvest for 2013. The green tomatoes are currently sitting in a shoe box, slowly ripening.

October 10-November 10:

Cherry Tomato (Jasper F1): 5.0 ounces

Tomato (Beaver Lodge): 5.75 ounces

Tomato (Cosmonaut Volkov): 3.75 ounces

Tomato (Japanese Black Trifele): 7.0 ounces

Total Harvest: 1 pound, 5.5 ounces

Running Weight Total 2013: 56 pounds, 13.75 ounces

Now that harvesting is complete for the year and the numbers finalized, it's official, Beaver Lodge tomato is the most prolific plant I've ever grown on the roof. One compact plant produced over 15 pounds of fruit! Ground level gardeners may sneer at this number, but on the roof, where the environment swings from being desert-like in summer to tundra-like in fall, I'm quite proud of this amount.  As an added bonus this variety is open-pollinated, so I saved lots of seeds to give away.

Visit to read more about rooftop vegetable gardening.

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