Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn Surprises

The days grow shorter and my shadow gets longer.

Sunsugar F1 cherry tomato. I've noticed signs of disease on this plant, but it's so late in the season that I'm not going to bother to treat it.

Little Baby Flower F1 watermelon. Over the weekend I was cleaning up dead foliage and I found an extra melon hiding behind the container. It's always such a treat to find a nice surprise like that.

I'm going to prepare the reed fences for storage so I've removed all the melons and the few surviving vines from the trellis and laid them in the container.

Orange Blaze F1 peppers.

Beaverlodge tomato. I've been trimming off branches that don't have any fruit on them to get the plant to focus its energy on maturing the remaining fruit. As a bonus it seems like every time I cut off a non-producing branch a new tomato will appear on a different part of the plant. If I can trim this plant down to a certain height I can put the greenhouse back on and extend the fresh tomato supply well into fall.

Orient Express F1 eggplant. This plant doesn't look that great, but there are at least 7 fruits waiting to be harvested. These fruits are very recent, and extremely surprising, additions. With evening temps firmly in the 50's I thought for sure this plant's fruiting days were over, I was just waiting the for last eggplant to grow to a decent size. Removing the wooden planks the container was resting on and letting it sit directly on the sun heated roof was apparently an easy way to extend the productivity of this plant.

Bush Goliath F1 tomato

Giant Aconcagua peppers. If I wanted to I could harvest all the red peppers at once, but I want to make the experience of freshly picked produce last as long as possible, so only a couple at a time are harvested.

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye tomato. Another tomato has appeared, but I don't think there's enough time for
it to mature.

September 18-September 24:

Cherry Tomato (Sunsugar F1): 2.375 ounces

Eggplant (Orient Express F1): 3.0 ounces

Pepper (Giant Aconcagua): 1 pound, 1.25 ounces

Tomato (Beaverlodge): 3.75 ounces

Watermelon (Little Baby Flower F1): 2 pounds, 0.125 ounces

Total: 3 pounds, 10.5 ounces

2014 Running Weight Total: 53 pounds, 8.375 ounces

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