Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Reading Round Up: Pizza Cake Recipe Edition

Simple recipe for pizza cake

Noah’s Ark for Fruits, Nuts and Grapes

In China, The Modern Shopping Mall Is Topped With An Urban Farm, Not With Cars

The Struggle to Produce Food in Syria

Chefs to Create Burger Designed to Taste Like Human Flesh

Boswyck Farms moves to Queens

Comfort Food Doesn’t Comfort, Study Finds

Rooftop gardens brings new life to Manila

GMO Wheat Investigation Closed, But Another One Opens

As More Schools Turn to Food Fundraising, FarmRaiser Takes it Local

Character Over Credit: Kiva Zip Creates New Model for Small-scale Ag Loans

Engineer designs the "perfect" ice cream scoop

Your Guide To Dining From The Dump

No sign of health or nutrition problems from GMO livestock feed, study finds

Garden project on top of Dawson College cultivates fruits and vegetables ­– and lessons in sustainability and community building

World's fastest onion chopper

Want to Find Out Where Your Fruit Was Grown? Good Luck

What Will Having Food Crime Unit Actually Mean?

A Bite From This Tiny Tick Can Turn You into a Vegetarian

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