Thursday, September 13, 2012

Close to the End

Only 3 plants left from the summer garden. The Black cherry tomato, the Flexum Hybrid pepper and the Mountain Magic tomato. I think the Black cherry can be removed by this weekend. The Flexum pepper will stay for however long it can last. It continues to flower and fruit.

Only the Mountain Magic tomato plant is left near the stairway. I hope these tomatoes will be ripe by this weekend too, this plant needs to be put out of its misery.

The fall crops, plus the pepper, have been lined up on one side of the roof in a full sun location.

Pods have formed on the soybean plants. I hope my timing is correct this year, fresh edamame would be awesome.

I tried transplanting the extra beet seedlings into their own container. I see some new leaf growth so I assume it worked.

Some of the carrot seeds sprinkled on top of the soil have sprouted. It's definitely time for some new seeds, their germination rate is very low. The packet is over a year old though, so I shouldn't be surprised.

September 6-September 12:

Cherry Tomato (Black): 4.5 ounces

Pepper (Flexum Hybrid): 8.6 ounces

Tomato (Mountain Magic): 2.4 ounces

Tomato (Summertime Green): 8.2 ounces

This Harvest: 1 pound, 7.7 ounces

Total Vegetable Harvest 2012: 31 pounds, 2.62 ounces

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