Thursday, May 7, 2015

Using The AeroGarden Ultra LED For The First Time

Using the AeroGarden Ultra LED for the first time is incredibly easy. All I had to do was follow the prompts on the screen.

I didn't want the lights to stay on after midnight so I moved the schedule an hour up.

The unit came with an herb growing kit, but I wanted to grow a tomato plant so I bought the 3 season grow anything kit.

This kit includes 21 grow baskets, 21 grow sponges, 21 labels, 21 grow domes, 3 full seasons liquid nutrients and instructions.

The tomato plant will grow over 12 inches in height so I'll start with 8 mL for the first 2 feedings and 12 mL thereafter.

Some sediment was left after I poured the cup into the bowl. I assumed this sediment was a required part of the nutrient mix so I used water to flush out the cup and dumped the contents into the bowl.

Once the unit is started you can see the water run into each pod opening.

The unit did not come with any plant spacers so I just used aluminum foil to cover the holes.

Day zero, see pics of this growing cherry tomato plant in an upcoming post.

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