Friday, May 15, 2009

Windy Weather

Bushwick Rooftop Vegetable Garden with Reed Fence
It's as I feared, the wind is doing a number on my plants. One morning the wind was so strong it shredded some of the leaves on my poor transplants. That same day I went out and bought a reed fence to act a wind break. I doubt it'll age well, but as long at it lasts the growing season I'll be happy.

Reed Fence: $25.98

Running Total: $126.08

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  1. It's been windy here too. The same thing happened to a few of my broccoli raab seedlings. The reed fence looks nice! I wonder if you can treat with something to preserve it. -Jackie

  2. Hi Jackie, I'm considering painting it with polyurethane, but that would be a project in itself!

  3. Your dedication to overcoming all gardening obstacles is inspiring!
    Plant Lady


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